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Welcome to the Beals Family website.

Weather station project This is a project I started with a friend for fun and it is about to be a full-blown kit available for sale by the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) group. See the link below to hopefully get the live (and 5 past days worth of) weather.

Radial LED clock project This is a type of clock I saw as a child and one I have always wanted to have. I have seen a few like them on European business trips, but never any for sale. With appropriate spousal permission I decided to make my own.

Monte Carlo Retirement Simulator
Without trying too hard, I couldn't find a downloadable Monte Carlo retirement simulator, and needed an excuse to write my first Windows GUI program. This is it.

Weather at our house
(Currently off-line) With any luck, this is the current weather at our house. This data is gathered by my weather sensor project (above), transmitted via ham radio from Denver down to Colorado Springs, relayed via the internet from there to Miami, then parsed by another server in the Atlanta area to show you the data. Cool part is that I've been able to get that weather on trips to places like France and Japan. It's nice having a link to home while away on business.

Where am I mostly?
Besides weather, another neat thing you can do using APRS on ham radio is to broadcast where you are. For houses this isn't very exciting, but if you use a GPS receiver in your car to get your position then APRS to transmit it to the world, you can track someone on the web as they drive around. The above link will look for the latest position of a transmitter in my car, I only transmit while driving, and then forget to turn the radio on sometimes. If the data is old I havn't moved for a while.

Where am I sometimes?
If I'm not in my regular car, this is the backup mobile tracker.

Flume Placer Civic Association The homepage for the FPCA. Weather, contractors, and governing documents. Not very interesting unless you are an FPCA member.

Some boring log data of interest only to Will.
logfile (204) logfile (205)
logfile (210) Temps (210)
logfile (212) Temps (212)