An Inexpensive APRS Weather Station

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How data gets to the internet
The stations that are currently up broadcast their data over amateur radio frequencies and get relayed around their local area. Lucky folk have an "igate" in their area. This is a box that amongst other chores, accepts local data over the airwaves and send it to a central server in Miami that anyone with internet access can get the data.

This is actually a VERY practical way of getting data from an area to the internet as it allows data to be gathered from remote areas that aren't (or can't) be anywhere near internet access. This way only one computer is needed to be left on (consuming power) and connected to the internet to serve a wide geographic area.

This is a weather-specific site that looks at the APRS database and will show you a trend chart for a specific station. The charts currently shown are temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and barometric pressure. This site will also show a map showing the general area of the weather station. Over the years, this site has essentially taken over all web-based data reporting.

To get weather data, enter[callsign]
To get position data, enter[callsign]

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