An Inexpensive APRS Weather Station

Website Change History

July 25, 2010 (General refresh)
1) Actually lots of updates since Jan 2008, forgot about this page!
2) Up to Rev 1.16.1 firmware
3) Mon08w for software updates under Windows

Jan 12, 2008 (General refresh)
1) Updated old data on many pages
2) Updated lots of broken links to external websites
3) Added the Time Setting page
4) Folded T238+ information across the website

April 3, 2004 (General refresh of all pages)
1) Updated old data on most pages
2) Folded T238+ information across the website

February 16, 2003 (1.14.1 Release)
1) The release

February 8, 2003 (1.14.0 Release)
1) The release
2) Move BP from "Soon" to "Now"" on home page.
3) Added Russ's and my email addresses back as graphics, not links.

January 4, 2002 (1.13.1 Release)
1) The release!

August 12, 2001 (Links update)
1) Fixed links to Motorola MCU (became a porn site!)
2) Updated/elaborated on links for Seiko LCD

June 5, 2001 (1.12.5 Release)
1) The Release!
2) Also added notes on extra circuitry for solar apps.

May 21, 2001 (1.12.5 Release)
1) The Release!

March 20, 2001 (Added Russ's website to links and menu bar)
1) Added Russ's website to links and menu bar

March 11, 2001 (1.12.1 and 1.12.2 Release)
1) Added 1.12.1 Release to the downloads page and status pages
2) Updated Known bugs list.
3) Updated debug message list.
4) Pulled 1.12.1 due to bug, now 1.12.2

February 14, 2001 (1.12.0 Release)
1) Added 1.12.0 Release to the downloads page, home page, and status pages
2) Put TAPR wxsig ling on the home page

January 14, 2001 (1.11.1 Release)
1) Added 1.11.1 Release to the downloads page
2) Put TAPR wxsig ling on the home page

December 26, 2000 (1.11.0 Release and other updates)
1) Added 1.11.0 Release to the downloads page
2) Put in AAG information and 1.11.0 release notes on status page
3) Put AAG info on Home page

August 28, 2000 (informational updates)
1) Added references to the LCD module spec in how-to and links page

August 6, 2000 (1.10.0 Release, and lots of format updates)
1) Moved real-time-clock from soon to now features
2) Added text on home page for TAPR kit
3) Changed Assembly and Ops manuals to PDF versions on schematics page
4) Removed old pre-1.06.0 warning about download (old news)
5) Now have two revisions of the source and object code on downloads page.
6) Cleaned up status page. Added links, reversed SW release order.
7) Updated Future plans page to remove things done and new challenges.

July 15, 2000 (Frames change and content enhancements)
1) Converted to Frames to make navigation easier.
2) Fixed some captialization problems in links.
3) Put the by all the 1-Wire references
4) Added an introduction to the project description.
5) Pulled Beta board Rework from the buildit page

Jun 28, 2000 (1.09.1 release)
1) New code. 2) Updated Russ and my email addresses.

Jun 4, 2000 (1.09.0 release)
1) New code and new operations manual

Apr 30, 2000 (1.08.2 release)
1) That is pretty much about it.

Apr 22-24, 2000 (1.08.1 release and General updates)
1) Reformatted data page to be clearer. Seperated data from app websites.
2) Added TAPR assembly and operations manuals to the schematics page.
3) Added rework pictures and instructions to the schematics page.
4) Added note abour our article in the News Page.
5) Removed Rain guage from future plans page (Done!)
6) Removed Users Manual page (users manual now in schematics page)

Apr 2, 2000 (data websites update)
1) Updated the data website page to show more stations and more websites.

Mar 11, 2000 (1.07.0 release)
1) Just that, the 1.07.0 release.

Mar 11, 2000 (1.06.1 release and TAPR boards)
1) Updated schematics and BOM per TAPR board.
2) Updated software page for 1.06.1R release.
3) Updated status page to reflect SW and TAPR.

Jan 29, 2000 (General updates)
1) Updated accuracy page with Ray McKnight's comments
2) Updated users manual and made it MUCH more complete
3) Added newsflash on boards being ordered
4) Purged all references to the GP20 in favor of the GP32
Jan 12, 2000 (Webpage update)
1) Added another temperature sensor to the future plans page.

Jan 02, 2000 (Webpage update)
1) Got a prettier picture.
2) Updated the Accuracy page.

Dec 25, 1999 (Webpage update)
1) Added Accuracy page.
2) A little cleanup editing.

Dec 04, 1999 (Firmware and status update)
1) New Firmware (1.04.0) release.
2) Source files included in download page now.
3) Updated download, status, and future plans page.

Nov 11, 1999 (Firmware update)
1) New Firmware (1.03.2) release.

Oct 16, 1999 (Project status updates)
1) Changed schematic page to "how to build it" page.
2) Put downloads back online and updated the page.
3) Updated status page with contest results and Russes wind tunnel data.
4) Added data logger and RTC on the future hardware plans list.
5) Completely rewrote the users manual.
6) Added the static/ligtning protection page to the links section.
7) Reversed the change list on this page, most recent at the top.

Sep 12, 1999 (more general cleanup and clarification)
1) Table-ized sensor list on home page
2) Tidied up parts list table
3) Simplified and updated project description.
4) Started documenting 1.03 release (even though not released).
5) Updated future plans.

Sep 03, 1999 (all-in-1 docs complete)
1) Fixed error in schematic--ready to go

Sep 01, 1999 (all-in-1 proposal embellished)
1) Updated schematic and added parts list.
2) Removed software download for now.

Aug 19, 1999 (all-in-1 proposal added)
1) Updated status, future plans, and schematic pages to document all-in-1 proposal.

Aug 10, 1999 (updates)
1) Updated schematics for final review/comment. Hopefully the final ones.
2) Got newsflash from Dallas on sensor availability.

Aug 7, 1999 (for 1.02.0 release)
1) Updated Status, Future Plans, Release Notes pages.
2) "Firmware download" is now a page to support 6805 and PC monitor code.
3) Merged "project status" and "release notes" pages.
4) Tried making the main menu more readable.

Aug 1, 1999 (general cleanup)
1) (Almost) no content change.
2) Round 1 of formatting updates. Finally read a book on what makes websites better and started applying it. Made all headers and footers simplified and consistent. Added revision dates to all pages referenced on the home page as well as each page footer. Limited all text to 640 pixels using a simple frame (on 1024 wide screens with little fonts, reading was difficult).
3) Updated the FAQ page for a simple 16-point justification.
4) Added this Web page history page

Before Aug 1, 1999 (Initial release)
All of the basic technical content. Known weaknesses are formatting, better construction and operations manuals. Emphasis was to get the data out there, presentation needed help.

This page was last updated Jan 12, 2008.