An Inexpensive APRS Weather Station

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This project is for anyone that would like to build an inexpensive, but still high quality weather station. The station is based on the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire® sensor unit that provides wind speed, direction, and ambient temperature. The software now also supports the Dallas 1-Wire rain guage as well. The station is primarily intended to provide data for broadcast over the amateur radio APRS network, but works quite nicely as a stand-alone weather station as well.
After 300+ units and a 10 year run, the kit has finally been discontinued

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  • Targeted for cost-effective stand-alone APRS use.
  • Makes a great stand-alone weather station.
  • Makes a great general-purpose 1-Wire development platform.
  • Can be solar powered.
  • Reliable all-digital sensors.
  • All readings averaged for better accuracy.
  • T238+ does not need a TNC (TNC built-in).
Sensors and features
Now: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Rain,
Real-time-clock, Humidity Barometric Pressure.
Next: None Planned
Soon: None Planned

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